Jade: Go upstairs.

GG: what is the problem!!!!
EB: oh, nothing.
EB: i am just dropping monsters all over the place, that is all.
EB: are you upstairs?
GG: yes
EB: ok, good.
EB: i left the cruxite by the lathe, as well as the punched card with the green thingy on it.
EB: you should have plenty of time to make it. no drama here!
GG: nice!
GG: how much time?
EB: a little more than 6 minutes.
EB: in the meantime, i will try to contact rose and get this prototyping nonsense sorted out.
EB: it's so confusing...
EB: in my foolishness, i came very close to prototyping your grandpa.
GG: D:
GG: john, try to be more careful!
EB: we very nearly had to face our grandfatherly paradox-dad as a last boss.
EB: that would probably be the worst case scenario.
GG: um.....
GG: what?

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