Apprentice: Answer thief.

-- arachnidsGrip [AG] began trolling ectoBiologist [EB] --

AG: Psssssssst.
AG: Hey 8rave leader.
AG: John!
AG: Stop ignoring me. My messages should receive top priority.
AG: Who are you talking to? I don't appreciate 8eing snu88ed like this. How ungr8ful can you get!
AG: Maaaaaaaan.
AG: Come oooooooon........
EB: hey vriska, sorry to keep you waiting!
AG: W8ting?
AG: Oh! I guess so. I hardly even noticed! I am like this really huge deal, and have a lot of stuff to keep me 8usy, remem8er?
EB: yeah, i know.
EB: um, sorry to cut this short, but this isn't really the best time to chat!
EB: i am in the middle of an ocean of oil that is ablaze with a lot of green fire.
EB: i need to figure out a way to escape!
EB: unfortunately, i fell asleep for some reason, and my bed landed here.
EB: i can't believe i was so stupid.
AG: Don't 8eat yourself up a8out it!
AG: I was the one who put you to sleep.
EB: you were?
AG: Yeah!
EB: um...
EB: you can do that?
AG: Yes, that seems to 8e the limit to what I can do to your primitive species.
AG: I guess our 8rains don't really work the same way? Who knows!
EB: hmm.
EB: what do you mean, "limit"?
EB: are you saying you can usually do more than that?
AG: Duh! So much more, John. I have a lot of gr8 powers.
AG: When we have more time, I will tell you all a8out them.
EB: ok, that is pretty cool i guess...
EB: but...
EB: why???
EB: why would you put me to sleep and put me in this predicament?
AG: John, soon you will understand that you are meant to rise to gr8tness.
AG: This can't possi8ly happen unless you are challenged.
AG: There will 8e times when your limits are tested. This is one of those times!
AG: I know this 8ecause I can see your future right here in front of me. You should trust me!
EB: ok, but...
EB: i kind of get that, but it's also kind of odd...
EB: if you're seeing my future, and you know those things are the outcome, then why are you going back and...
EB: i guess, involving yourself with these events? see what i mean?
AG: Oh John, this should 8e so o8vious to you 8y now.
AG: You are going to 8ecome a gr8 hero, that much is sure.
AG: 8ut I want to 8e the one responsi8le for it!
AG: And now I am pretty much guaranteed to 8e.
AG: ::::)
EB: ok, that...
EB: SORT OF makes sense, i guess.
EB: but it's kind of hurting my head to think about!
AG: You don't have to think! Just leave the thinking to me.
AG: All you have to do is dig deep down, find your hero powers, and get yourself out of this jam.
AG: You can do it, John. 8e the hero!
AG: Just like in one of your movies a8out sweaty, rugged adult human males.
EB: ah HA!
EB: so you did watch that video I sent.
EB: what did you think?

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