AG: It was ok.
AG: I admit it was a little 8etter than I expected.
EB: yessssssss, i knew it!
AG: 8ut who cares! Let's not get sidetracked 8y films a8out wounded, muscular renegades.
AG: 8y the way, John, have you ever considered growing your hair out?
AG: I 8et it would look fa8ulous.
EB: no, it would look so stupid!
AG: I don't know a8out that!
AG: I have an eye for fashion. 8 of them, in fact!
EB: i thought you didn't want to get sidetracked!!!
AG: Oh yeah. Whoops. ::::\
EB: anyway, putting me to sleep and landing me in hot water is one thing...
EB: but you sort of indirectly caused a MUCH BIGGER problem!
EB: before i fell asleep, i was about to prototype something really ridiculous to make jack weaker.
EB: i am pretty sure that it would have made jack lose both eyes, both arms, and give him silly blue hair, and possibly also make him be a girl?
EB: he probably would have been pretty easy to beat!!!
EB: but instead, it was prototyped by jade's first guardian dog lusus.
EB: and now he is unstoppable!
EB: and he becomes the one who is stirrin' up all that trouble in your session too!
EB: i mean, it sounds like your intentions were good, but you probably didn't realize to what extent you were messing everything up!
AG: Don't 8e a8surd, John.
AG: Of course I realized that would happen.
AG: It was pretty much the whole point, you goof!
EB: what????????
EB: vriska, why would you do that!
AG: Jegus, calm down.
EB: but!
EB: no!
EB: why should i calm down when you just said you deliberately sabotaged all of us?
AG: Relaaaaaaaax.
AG: Listen, John.
AG: Regardless of what I did, he is already here.
AG: I know this consequence will 8e hard for you to accept, 8ut whenever you feel angry or confused a8out it, just repeat this to yourself.
AG: It should 8ecome your mantra!
AG: He is already here.
AG: Say it, John!
EB: but what does that mean!
AG: It means what it sounds like! He's already here!!!!!!!!
AG: Here in our session, trying to hunt us down! Man, this should 8e elementary to you 8y now.
AG: No matter what you or I or any of us did, Jack's here now. That's the reality!
AG: And if I didn't stop you, it wouldn't have changed the reality for us here. We'd still 8e hiding on this rock, and he'd still 8e out there, sniffing around for us.
AG: He wouldn't just disappear! That's not how this time stuff works.
AG: All that REALLY would have happened is I would have allowed you to do something you weren't supposed to do!
AG: You would have prototyped with your pretty 8lue doll, 8ecause of course deep down you know you are o8sessed with me.
AG: And then you and all your friends would exist in a splintered timeline. And you wouldn't even 8e a8le to talk to me anymore! ::::(
AG: And then you'd 8e doooooooomed.
AG: I mean, more doomed than you are already. :::;)
AG: Trust me, I am really smart. I have this all figured out.
EB: i don't know if that makes sense!
EB: i mean, it kind of does...
EB: but something doesn't really add up about it.
EB: if you knew he was going to be created regardless of what anyone did...
EB: why did you decide to involve yourself that way?
EB: like the way you are involving yourself with me becoming a hero or whatever?
AG: You just answered your own question!
AG: I did it 8ecause I wanted to 8e the one responsi8le for cre8ting him.
EB: augh!
AG: 8ecause, John.
AG: It only makes sense that I would be the one to cre8te him.
AG: Since I am also going to 8e the one to kill him.

> ==>