EB: that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard.
AG: Don't 8e that way.
AG: Just 8ecause you have your whole reckoning ahead of you to kill Jack, and somehow fail, doesn't mean you have to 8e 8itter a8out it.
EB: i am not bitter! i just think your plan is dumb.
EB: if he is as strong as karkat says, he will probably kill you!
AG: Karkat doesn't know nothing a8out anything.
AG: He never really appreci8ted how powerful I 8ecame. No8ody did! I am easily the strongest troll 8y far.
AG: I am also extremely lucky! That is one of my powers, John. 8eing super lucky, and making my foes super UNlucky. ::::)
EB: er...
EB: is luck actually a real thing?
AG: Yes, and I've got all of it. I am completely untoucha8le.
EB: you sound pretty cocky! you should be careful about that, that is totally how people have bigtime downfalls.
EB: especially when they act kind of nefarious!!!
AG: Nope, I don't have to 8e careful! Too lucky for caution to matter anymore. Them's the 8r8ks!
AG: 8ut don't worry, once all is said and done in your session, and 8y some incredi8ly lucky 8r8k of your own you manage to survive the scratch, we might actually get the chance to meet.
AG: And if so, assuming I haven't gotten too 8ored w8ting around and mopped the floor with Jack already, may8e we can take him down together!
EB: wow, uh...
EB: i am not sure who would make me more nervous, you or jack.
AG: John, that's something a loser would say, come on.
AG: You should have no reason to 8e scared of me.
AG: 8y the time I am through with you, you should 8e even stronger than me.
AG: This is the way it ought to 8e, I think. ::::D
EB: you really think we will meet?
AG: It is a distinct possi8ility.
EB: so...
EB: um, if we meet...
EB: are you going to...
EB: uh.
AG: What?
EB: like,
EB: when you see me,
AG: John, what the hell are you trying to say?
EB: karkat said that...
EB: you might...
AG: Whaaaaaaaat????????
EB: oh jeez, i dunno.
EB: never mind.
AG: You shouldn't listen to anything that loudmouth says.
AG: He had his shot 8eing in charge, and failed misera8ly.
AG: It's my turn now. Scratch that.
AG: OUR turn.
EB: bluhhhhhhhh.
EB: if you say so.
AG: Now quit whining and get yourself out of this mess.
AG: Dig deep down inside that pink, nerdy little torso of yours, find your awesome hero mojo, and do what you're a8out to do.
AG: I will talk to you again after you figure it out.
AG: 8yyyyyyyye! <3
EB: wait!

-- arachnidsGrip [AG] ceased trolling ectoBiologist [EB] --

EB: what am i about to doooooooo!
EB: o.
EB: there, that was a 9th o. you don't even deserve 8!!!!!!!!
EB: whoops...