GG: ummm
GG: what do you mean i never explained it to you?
GG: if this really is the first time we talked, why would i have?
CC: Good point.
CC: Maybe I'm feeling it too.
CC: I )(ave... w)(at was it? Orca vu?
GG: feferi that one was a stretch even by your fish punnery standards
GG: aaah why do i know that you like to make fish puns???
CC: 38?
GG: actually
GG: i do remember this conversation
GG: it was in the past!
GG: but if it was in the past, then where am i now?
CC: In the future! Duh.
GG: so what is going on?
GG: i dont think i am asleep....
GG: i am not on prospit
CC: Yes, you are asleep. But your dream self died, just like mine, remember?
GG: oh...
GG: vaguely
CC: Now you don't dream about Prospit. You have normal dreams!
GG: so this is a dream?
CC: It is a dream, and a memory. It is the past, brought back to life by a witch! It's all those things.
CC: Although we are getting off the script here!
CC: This is not how the conversation originally went, obviously.
CC: You were a lot less patient with me! When I was just trying to ENCOURAGE you.
GG: sorry
GG: i think
GG: i am in the game now, right?
CC: Sure!
CC: Hey, why don't you tell me about this cool robot bunny you we're making?
CC: I've been pretty glubbing curious about it!
CC: Mind if I take a look?
GG: um

> ==>