Dave: Duplicate disc.

TG: thisll be the disc i use for your connection
TG: while the original will stay bound to roses connection
GG: so you will be the server for BOTH us ladies???
GG: you just keep getting smoother, i cant handle all this smoothness
TG: well technically
TG: i will be your server
TG: and past me will stay as roses server
TG: which is to say present me will
TG: the one in the black suit
GG: ohh...
GG: i guess that makes sense
TG: he can keep managing her for a while
TG: until she sorta checks out soon and becomes totally useless
TG: then he can start hopping around time like i did
TG: make a ton of money and stuff
TG: eventually become me
TG: and become your server player
GG: ok i think i understand that!
TG: yeah see its not hard to get the hang of
TG: in the meantime ill kind of loiter around this timeframe to help you out for a while
GG: yessss thanks dave <3
GG: um
GG: what do you mean rose will check out? :\
TG: dont worry about it just some more future stuff
TG: now i need you to go downstairs
GG: uhhhh ok

> Jade: Go downstairs.