TT: You fell asleep.
TT: Orange Bird Dave killed some monsters and flew away.
TT: Jade fired a bullet at an imp and vanished.
TT: And you woke up.
TG: oh yeah
TG: so shes here then
TT: Yes.
TG: is she ok what was going on there
TT: Yes, she's fine.
TG: i guess i should catch up with her
TT: You already are.
TG: i am
TT: Future you is.
TG: oh ok time travels involved
TG: thats all you needed to say everythings cool and under control then
TT: How was the nap?
TG: weird
TG: and kind of boring
TG: i was in your dream room for a while spying on you
TG: being all creepy and dream duplicitous and shit
TT: It's ok.
TT: I was being similarly wake duplicitous.
TG: whats with your book collection
TG: or
TG: dream book collection
TG: all your books are bizarre and terrible
TT: No, my books are great.
TT: I can recommend some good titles for the next time you're asleep.
TG: nah
TG: but yeah i understand defending your collection i guess if you were in my dream room and talking shit about my awesome dream portraits of dream stiller and dream snoop or whatever wed have to have a fucking talk
TT: Did you do anything on the moon besides rifle through my belongings?
TT: Such as remove your shades and turn your gaze Ringward, by any chance?
TG: oh
TG: yeah
TG: i did
TT: What did you see?
TG: horrible things
TT: Horribleterrible?
TG: yeah
TG: it was like
TG: peering through the dark portal of an eldritch red lobster
TG: and scoping out its all you can eat seafood buffet
TG: and
TG: when i saw them
TG: their voices became clearer
TT: What were they saying?
TG: i couldnt really focus on anything specific
TG: but
TG: in totality
TG: im pretty sure it was
TG: like
TT: ?
TG: a plea for help

> ==>