TT: They've revealed some of their secrets to me already, and given me a few errands to run.
TT: This is why you might have observed some unusual behavior from me.
TG: oh shit youre kidding
TG: no really are you serious i didnt even notice
TG: fuck mind = blown
TT: Once these convulsions of explosive laughter subside and finish rocking my very foundation,
TT: I might point out that you haven't really been as astute as you're implying.
TT: You've deliberately fogged your vision your entire life with ironic eyewear while awake, and while asleep, though perfectly alert, you've chosen to ignore your surroundings.
TT: But now that you've seen them, you have a choice to make.
TG: ok
TT: They will only tell me so much.
TT: They would like an audience with the prince of the moon as well.
TT: We are like the emissaries to what lies beyond this small bubble in their unfathomable dark foam.
TT: Derse skirts its edge, and during the lunar eclipse, we graze it, and that's when their intent for us becomes clear.
TT: I'm doing my part, but they have a mission for you as well.
TG: what am i supposed to do
TT: Listen to them.
TT: My understanding is,
TT: They will teach you how to navigate the unnavigable.
TT: The result should be a map.
TG: like
TG: a treasure map
TT: No.
TT: Something a little more astronomical.
TT: Like a star chart with no stars.
TT: Hence the challenge.
TG: why
TT: To plot a course through the Furthest Ring.
TG: plot a course to what

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