TT: The power source of the first guardians.
TG: oh right the green sun ok
TG: wait sorry
TG: i mean the my bad
TT: Yes, that's much better.
TG: whats the deal with this thing
TG: i mean aside from giving jades dog his devil powers
TG: and by extension i guess jack
TT: What's the deal with it?
TG: yeah
TT: I don't know that there is a deal with it.
TT: Beyond the deal you just described.
TT: It is what it sounds like.
TT: A huge sun out in the literal middle of nowhere, and it is bright green.
TT: It is simply,
TT: The .
TG: how big
TG: i need a sense of scale here
TG: is it like the size of our sun
TG: or bigger
TG: or is it only as big as like
TG: planet fucking jupiter
TT: It is nearly twice the mass of our universe.
TG: ok thats pretty fucking big
TG: see how important that contextualization was now i know how fucking impressed i should be
TG: i mean hopy shit thats huge
TT: Happy I could help.
TG: so ok i make a map to this thing
TG: with the help of a million rambunctious gross tentacle mutants
TG: and then i guess we go there for some reason
TT: Yes.
TG: why do we need a map
TG: cant they just
TG: tell us what direction its in
TG: point a spaceship that way
TG: blast off to adventure
TT: No.
TT: The geometry of the Furthest Ring is too complex.
TT: Remember, its spacetime is labyrinthine.
TT: In fact, it's not really accurate to call it spacetime at all.
TT: Since it is outside the domain of any created universe, where those properties have become instantiated and stabilized.
TG: i can kind of get that time is messed up there
TG: with like loops and causality paradoxes and shit like that
TG: being the knight of time here
TG: not really sure why navigating the space would be a problem though
TG: space isnt my thing remember
TG: what is it like
TG: full of wormholes or something
TT: It depends.
TT: The greater the distance you travel through it, the less reliably time flows.
TT: And the more time you spend in it, the less reliably space behaves.
TT: Time and space aren't as different as you might think.
TG: i thought you werent supposed to know shit about either
TG: seeing as youre the seer whatever that means
TT: I think it means I'm supposed to know shit about the big picture.
TT: Which includes tidbits like that.
TT: But the insides of my shoes stay free from the grit of the minutia.
TG: fair enough
TG: so i take my map and fly to this thing
TT: No, I do.
TG: ok you fly to it
TG: then what
TT: That depends on if John is successful.

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