TG: you mean with the quest youre sending him on
TT: Yes.
TG: is there anything you do thats not sending dudes on quests
TT: Nothing whatsoever.
TG: so hes got to get the cancer out of skaia right
TT: Yes, The Tumor.
TG: yeah
TG: so whats The Tumor do
TG: i mean the tumor
TG: jesus can we stop with the fancy colored text bullshit
TT: I guess so.
TT: I thought it was more fun that way.
TG: well ok you can keep doing it then
TT: Thanks.
TT: <black>The Tumor</black> is quite a large growth at the center of the battlefield.
TT: He won't be able to remove it without fully realizing his abilities.
TG: ok cool what is it
TT: Can you promise you won't tell him?
TT: It would probably make him more nervous than he needs to be if he knew.
TG: ok i wont say anything
TG: just tell me
TT: It's a bomb.

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