Rose: Answer fairy god troll.

-- grimAuxiliatrix [GA] began trolling tentacleTherapist [TT] --

GA: Since The Gap Between Your Present Moment And The Implementation Of Your Mystifying Self Destruction Continues To Narrow
GA: This Will Be The Last Conversation In Which I Attempt To Talk You Out Of It Nicely
TT: I explained this.
TT: The intent isn't true self sacrifice.
GA: First Of All Youre Underestimating The Gravity Of A Dream Death
GA: Its A Pretty Serious Thing Okay
GA: And Dream Selves Are Important To A Person In Ways That Arent Always Obvious
GA: I Think Youre Being Frivolous But Thats Not Really The Sentiment Reinforcing The Exoskeleton Of My Argument
GA: Soon You Will Be Blacked Out Of Trollians Viewport
GA: And I Have No Explanation For This
GA: And Neither Do You
GA: So Ill Just Assume The Worst And You Should Too
TT: Are you sure it's not because I'm sleeping?
GA: Ive Seen You Sleep Before
GA: You Are Just
GA: Asleep
GA: On Screen
GA: Peaceful And Harmless And Posing No Threat To Anyone
GA: Unless I Guess You Are Up To Mischief In Your Dreams Which I Cannot Rule Out
GA: Actually Thats Probably What You Do In Your Sleep What Was I Thinking
TT: Shh...
GA: Uh
GA: What
TT: Blah blah blah!
GA: Right Sorry
GA: Im Saying This Is A Special Case
GA: It Is Foreboding And Disconcerting And You Are Being Reckless
TT: You're right, I can't explain why I go dark on your monitor.
TT: But I'm confident in my plan. I have it under control.
GA: Your Hubris Is Really Astonishing
GA: Easily Twice The Mass Of A Universe I Think
GA: That It Hasnt Collapsed Upon Itself Into A Tiny Lavender Singularity Is The Most Striking Marvel Paradox Space Has Coughed Up Yet
TT: Maybe it did?
TT: Maybe that's what went wrong.
TT: We figured it out!
GA: No Please Stop
GA: Humor Wont Deflect My Really Big And Important Tirade Okay
GA: You Are Investing Too Much Confidence In Evil Gods Who Oppose Skaia And Your True Purpose And
GA: I Cant Abide That
GA: And
GA: As Difficult As This Is For Me To Confess
GA: I Think Your Plan Is Very Dangerous
GA: And So Are You
TT: Oh?
GA: Yes
GA: And
GA: Im Afraid I Am Going To Have To Devote All My Efforts To Stopping You
TT: I'm sorry to hear that, Kanaya.
TT: What did you have in mind for this new and exciting adversarial phase of our relationship?
GA: Im So Glad You Asked
GA: You See
GA: I Have Been Training A Powerful Wizard
TT: !

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