TT: I see.
TT: Then clearly I will have to prepare for this soul sundering duel, whilst making my own funeral arrangements.
GA: Oh Yes I Do Believe Securing A Corpse Box Would Be Prudent
GA: Fitted To Dimensions Suited To Your Myriad Of Unassembled Leaky Body Parts In Aggregate
TT: What will herald the arrival of this swift and righteous thaumaturge?
TT: Will I be blinded by the fearsome lashes of light ribboning from the incandescent coastline of his beauteous aura?
TT: Should I borrow my friend's sunglasses?
GA: Yes Definitely
GA: Definitely Do That
GA: Wait I Hope That Wasnt Too Emphatic
GA: Maybe At This Point I Should Clarify This Is All A Big Joke
TT: Yeah.
TT: I was getting that.
TT: You don't always have to tip your hand, Kanaya. You were doing well.
GA: I Was
TT: Mm-hm.
GA: Okay Great
GA: I Think What I Find Most Challenging About Human Insincerity Based Humor Is The Degree Of Commitment To The Fantasy Which Is Apparently Requisite
TT: We take it very seriously.
GA: I Mean To Say
GA: The Gesture Of Hostility In This Case Was The Joke
GA: I Did In Fact "Train" This Character
GA: I Made Him A Wand To Shut Him Up
TT: Wait, you did? Really?
GA: He Wouldnt Stop Harassing Me For Your "Secrets"
TT: That's incredible. Well done.
GA: Hes The One With The Royalty Complex And Speaks With All The Extra Vees And Doubleyous
TT: Oh, I knew exactly who you were talking about from the start.
GA: Okay
TT: I must say, this little project pleases me.
TT: Do keep me apprised of all further developments.
GA: Okay I Will
TT: At least until my looming grimdarkdeath steals me away.
GA: Uh
GA: Yeah That
GA: Is Still Something That I Dont Really Want To Joke About
GA: I Hope That Came Across As A Sincere Statement

> ==>