AG: 8ut you must agree, 8ecause you were copycatting my idea.
AT: nO i WASN'T,
AG: You were 8razenly inserting yourself into Jade's history. The self-insertion plan was my idea, and it's revolting and cowardly for you to deny it.
AG: Hahahaha, sure. Whatever you say.
AG: It's incredi8ly sad how outclassed you are. It's actually depressing that you thought you could 8eat me at my own game. And then most sickeningly of all, you don't own up it!
AG: I have every angle covered already. The human session is on full Serket lockdown. Any effort you make to disrupt my plans will 8e laugha8le, just like everything you have ever done in your life.
AG: The only thing left to do now is prepare to kill Jack myself, and save everyone's ungrateful asses.
AG: It's a shame you're not strong enough to take him on with me. Too 8ad you spent so long sleeping instead of tur8o-leveling like me.
AG: We might have made a pretty awesome team.
AG: Oh well.

> Page: Retrieve arms.