John: Take legendary nap.

EB: ok, i think i'm ready to take this legendary nap!
EB: and then climb the god tiers, i guess?
AG: Yes, exactly! Pretty exciting, isn't it?
EB: yeah...
EB: maybe it is a little TOO exciting.
AG: What's that mean?
EB: i am not sleepy at all!
EB: also, this is not much of a bed. more like a really hard slab of rock.
EB: i don't see how i will be able to sleep.
AG: John.
AG: Would you like me to put you to sleep?
EB: um...
EB: you mean, you're asking me this time, instead of just doing it?
EB: what happened to you wanting to be responsible for me becoming a hero!
AG: John, I am clearly involved in your rise to power now regardless. That can't 8e changed!
AG: I am giving you the option, 8ecause at some point a hero has to start making choices.
AG: Once you take a 8r8k from hunting treasure and stop getting distracted 8y side quests, you eventually realize that's what this game is all a8out.
AG: The choices you make affect the destiny of the universe you cre8te, as well as the type of hero you 8ecome.
AG: It would have 8een nice if someone was around to explain all this to me, and let me have some control over my own f8.
AG: I had to do this a much less pleasant way. I'm sparing you that indignity.
AG: 8esides, it's not like you're some loser who doesn't know how to make tough decisions.
AG: So what'll it 8e, John?
EB: well...
EB: i'm supposed to go to sleep to realize my destiny...
EB: and you have the ability to make me do that, so...
EB: i don't really see the harm in that.
EB: it sounds like it is just the practical thing to do.
AG: Am I hearing a "yes," John?
EB: yes, that is my decision.
EB: vriska, please put me to sleep!
AG: You got it. <3

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