Jade: Answer this douche bag.

-- caligulasAquarium [CA] began trolling gardenGnostic [GG] --

CA: noww that youre done makin all that pointless rubbish
CA: ivve got somethin wway more wworth your wwhile
GG: which one were you again?
GG: wait
GG: werent you the guy who was always trying to hit on me??
CA: that couldvve been anyone
CA: lets not get distracted by your sad league of suitors and their flushed desperations
CA: im offerin you the edge here
CA: in your rivvalry wwith the other female
GG: uh...
CA: wwevve got the same abstratus
CA: and i dont need this thing anymore
CA: since i became more powwerful than you could evver imagine as a mighty wwizard of wwhite science
CA: so you might as wwell take it and settle your score wwith that awwful wwitch
GG: but
GG: im the wwitch!
GG: i mean witch
CA: yeah ok the seer then if you wwant to be dealin wwith technicalities
GG: rose?
GG: i do not have a score to settle with rose!!!
GG: why would you think that?
CA: oh
CA: wwell fuck
CA: suppose i wwas guessin it wwas natural to presume somesuch relation like that betwween the twwo a you
GG: i think you are projecting your own attitude on to others
GG: just because you tend to hate and/or hit on everyone you meet doesnt mean everyone else is that way
GG: rose just sent me a code for a crystal ball, shes my friend and is basically the best!
CA: oh i see so she shared her "magic secrets" wwith you then
CA: its probably a trap i wwouldnt trust her
CA: she is a cunnin and treacherous sort trust me i knoww her type
GG: wait do you have a thing for her too???
GG: did she reject you or something?
CA: you are slingin around such a bloody mess of slander wwith these accusations
CA: you wwouldnt understand anywway
CA: its already been painfully established you people cant get your shalloww think pans under the majesty of our quadrants
GG: :|
CA: if you must knoww things betwween us wwere gettin pretty bellicose and im pretty sure she wwas wwaxin as obsidian for me as a human got it in em to do
CA: and if not for the interdimensional divvide keepin us apart honestly i dont doubt our rivvalry could be brewwin outright pitch
GG: uh huh...
CA: but the thing is i need a rivval wwho can pose me a challenge
CA: and frankly shes not evven fit for holdin my cape anymore
CA: at this point i find all her adorable black pixie dabblins to be prime kiddie playtime shit
CA: all of her FRAUDULENT MAGICS cannot come close to posin threat to my mastery ovver the TRUEST SCIENCES
CA: an wwith my empiricists wwand i servve as the righteous hope that wwill incinerate delusion and the deluded alike
CA: my holy fire is the wwhite fury bled from the wwrath-wweary eyes of fifty thousand nonfictional angels
CA: and wwhen theyre finished wweepin they wwill boww before their prince
GG: wow what are you talking about
CA: so really you should be honored to inherit my old callin
CA: both my armaments and my feud
CA: itll be wwitch against wwitch
CA: a real one vvs an impostor
CA: faker one dies
GG: hey look at that, time for me to get going!
CA: oh wwill you just take the fuckin gun already
GG: no i dont want it!!!!!
CA: its a wway more powwerful wweapon than any of that crap you made
CA: its a legendary relic wwithout equal
GG: more like a legendary piece of shit!
CA: youre bein needlessly fuckin stubborn about this im doin you a fuckin favvor here
GG: yes but i dont like you very much and i feel really icky about accepting a present from you
CA: if you accept it this is the last ill evver be botherin you about anythin ok
GG: siiigh
GG: fine
GG: what?
CA: thats the code
GG: oh...

> Jade: Make this legendary piece of shit.