JADESPRITE: i dont want to be here, i have to go back
JADESPRITE: but i dont know how
JADESPRITE: can you help me?
JADE: you want me to help you...
JADE: die again?
JADESPRITE: yes, i think thats what i would like
JADESPRITE: i cant take this, i wasnt ready to come back
JADESPRITE: not like this
JADE: wow...
JADE: ok, i know this is my fault
JADE: but that is a really hard thing to ask me to do!
JADE: even if it was possible the way you are now
JADE: i dont think i could go through with it :(
JADESPRITE: boo hoo hoo hoo hoo
JADE: ok ok shhhhh...
JADE: jade listen
JADE: i never did tell you why i brought you back
JADE: and it may be that
JADE: if you attempt what i wanted you to do in the first place
JADE: god i cant believe im saying this...
JADE: but you might end up getting what you want anyway
JADE: because it was always going to be risky
JADESPRITE: what is it?
JADE: well, you remember the guy who destroyed prospit?
JADESPRITE: ohh god noooooo...
JADE: shh!!!
JADE: anyway, he is the reason i brought you here
JADE: he has the same powers you have, making him unbeatable to us...
JADE: but maybe not you!
JADE: so you could go find him and
JADESPRITE: you want me to fight him???
JADE: um
JADESPRITE: are you crazy? do i look like i am ready to fight anybody???????
JADE: i just thought
JADE: as long as youre here
JADESPRITE: i cant fight anybody!
JADESPRITE: jade i am scared and confused and sad and...
JADESPRITE: i wouldnt even know how to begin fighting that horrible guy
JADESPRITE: i would be too afraid of him to even go find him
JADE: but
JADE: i thought you wanted to die?
JADE: you wouldnt go even if he could...
JADESPRITE: no i dont want him to kill me!!!
JADESPRITE: you just dont understand aaaaa boo hoo hoo
JADE: jeez...
JADE: youre right, i really dont
JADE: i said SHH!
JADE: wow
JADE: jade...
JADE: i dont mean to be insensitive but
JADE: there is a lot at stake here!
JADE: i... pfhehe, dont change the subject!
JADE: i mean, dont you remember what this was all about?
JADE: what you were working for... what WE were working for all those years before you died?
JADE: remember what we saw in the clouds, or what the queen told us?
JADE: how could you not remember john survived?
JADE: we both saw him in a cloud! he was in his dream suit and awake, reading our letter!
JADE: didnt you think about that?
JADESPRITE: ummmm, so? what does it matter?
JADE: ...
JADESPRITE: it was all a lie jade. what we saw in the clouds and all that. none of it meant anything
JADE: what!!!!!
JADE: how can you SAY that?
JADESPRITE: it was a nice life, but everything we did lead to nothing
JADESPRITE: john and i both died, and i eventually accepted that and moved on
JADE: omg...
JADE: this is so frustrating, i just told you he didnt
JADE: i knew i was kind of ditzy and forgetful in my dreams, but
JADESPRITE: boooo ho-
JADE: SHHHHH! okaaaaaay, jeez!
JADE: i just dont know what to think
JADE: i guess you are part of me, and you are who i was when i slept
JADE: but it makes me sad to think i would act like this
JADESPRITE: act like what?
JADE: i would like to think that even if i was sad and scared, if i was put in a position where everyone depended on me, i could put all those feelings aside and do whats right!
JADESPRITE: but i dont know whats right
JADE: yes you do!
JADE: even though you dont want to be, youre here now, and there are still people who need you
JADE: there is still something worth fighting for!

> ==>