Kanaya: Contact future Jade.

-- grimAuxiliatrix [GA] began trolling gardenGnostic [GG] --

GA: Are You Feeling Any More Cooperative In This Timeframe
GG: password!
GA: I See No Of Course Not
GA: Please
GA: I Know You Were Talking To Her Shortly Before
GA: What Did You Say To Her
GA: Wow
GG: whoops sorry
GG: ive been having too many password arguments with karkat i guess :p
GA: I Still Dont Understand The Password Thing
GA: Past You Doesnt Care About Passwords What Happened
GG: well......
GG: it depends, do you want to have a silly conversation or a serious conversation?
GA: Which Is Favorable
GG: both are!
GG: but a silly conversation mostly doesnt matter or make the timeline more confusing than it needs to be
GG: so we can have one right now if you want
GG: in fact i would say it is coming dangerously close to being one already!
GG: but if it is a serious conversation you want then im afraid i must demand a........
GA: Can We Discuss A Serious Issue In A Silly Manner
GG: nope!
GA: How Am I Supposed To Know The Password
GG: because i told you
GA: I Dont Remember That
GG: exactly!!!!!!!!!!!
GA: I Feel Like I Am Trudging Waist Deep Through A Slither Basin Full Of Your Human Surprise Noodles
GG: hehehe
GG: yum :B ??????????????????????
GA: I Understand This Silliness Is Currently Permissible But Are Serious Questions About The Password Nonsense Permissible As Well
GG: hmm, i suppose those are acceptable
GA: Why Are You Demanding Passwords From Me And Also Apparently Karkat
GG: to keep the conversations linear!
GG: i gave you a password at the end of our previous conversation
GG: you have to give me that password to start our next conversation
GG: this ensures that past you cant jump ahead into the conversation and mess everything up, like you are trying to do now!
GA: I Am Not Trying To Do That
GG: i know, but trust me its better this way :)
GA: When Will I Get The Password
GG: i dont know, i have no idea what time you are from!
GG: but you will get it, i gave it to you some time ago at the end of our last conversation
GG: and i have been eagerly awaiting your linear and unconfusing reply ever since!
GG: bye kanaya <3

-- gardenGnostic [GG] ceased being trolled by grimAuxiliatrix [GA] --

> Kanaya: Contact past Jade.