-- grimAuxiliatrix [GA] began trolling gardenGnostic [GG] --

GA: Im Appreciating Our Conversations From This Timeframe More And More
GA: Past You Is Much Less Of A Taskmaster Than Future You Or Pre Blackout Rose
GG: thanks i think!
GG: what do you mean by pre blackout rose?
GA: I Mean Post Blackout Rose Is A Lot Less Difficult Insofar As She Is Unavailable
GG: umm, ok...
GG: but what do you mean by blackout???
GA: I Guess Youll Find Out Soon
GA: And Then Report It To Me Under Extremely Specific Circumstances
GA: Which Is Good Because I Sure Dont Know
GG: hmm @_@
GA: Yes Hmm And That Face Is A Good Response
GA: Your Eyes Are Right To Be Swirled Letters
GA: What Are You Doing
GG: im doing what you told me to do!
GG: im getting dave to set up that expensive equipment
GG: so i can start doing all that witch of spacey stuff you were telling me about
GG: which i appreciate, since my sprite turned out to be sad and useless, and not very wise at all :(
GA: I See
GA: Well I Didnt Actually Tell You To I Was Just Being Informative
GA: Also It Isnt Technically Witch Of Spacey Stuff
GA: I Was A Sylph Not A Witch
GG: oh
GG: what is a sylph?
GA: I Think Its Sort Of Like A Witch
GA: But More Magical
GG: a magical witch???
GA: Yes Im Completely Certain Of That Suddenly
GG: thats awesome
GA: But Regardless I Think Our Roles Are Approximately The Same Since We Are Both Stokers Of The Forge
GA: As Well As Holders Of Breeding Duties
GA: However I Should Clarify That My Earlier Counsel Was Mostly Academic
GA: It Takes Weeks To Do All Of It Properly
GA: You Wont Have Time
GG: breeding duties?????

> ==>