GA: Yeah
GG: uhhhhhhhhh...
GG: please tell me that doesnt involve what it sounds like!
GA: What Does It Sound Like
GG: it sounds like
GG: it involves
GG: a lot of breeding :\
GA: Well It Does
GA: But Not Breeding Through Means Typical Of Most Species
GG: oh
GG: does the equipment we are deploying have anything to do with it?
GA: It Has A Lot To Do With It
GA: It Is Cloning Equipment Much Like What Is Scattered All Over The Veil
GA: The Same Kind Responsible For Creating All Of Us
GG: ok then, thats pretty neat
GA: I Didnt Mean To Alarm You By Implying You Were Required To Wage A Great Deal Of Personal Procreation Over A Span Of Several Weeks
GG: yeah, whew <_<;
GA: Though It Should Be Clear That Repopulation Is Among Our Duties As Well In The Long Term
GA: And Ive Gathered That The Cloning Apparatus In The Veil Is Probably Meant To Permit An Initial Boost On The World We Select For Settlement
GA: But Beyond That It Is Up To The Descendants To Perpetuate The Race
GA: And Your Species Has Quite An Advantage In This Respect
GG: how so?
GA: Your Procreation May Be Carried Out By Paired Individuals Autonomously
GA: Whereas Ours May Not
GA: Which Is What Makes My Role Particularly Important
GG: what is your role?
GA: Im The Keeper Of The Matriorb
GA: It Is An Egg That Will Hatch A New Mother Grub
GA: She Alone Will Be Responsible For Bearing Our Young
GG: whoa, cool!
GG: so you are like bugs, like bees or ants or such, but with horns
GA: I Guess So
GA: And You Are Like Erect Livestock
GA: Without The Muscle Definition
GA: Or The Hermaphroditic Physiology For That Matter
GG: :o
GA: But Milk Producers Nonetheless
GA: That Rare Kind Of Organism To Nurture Hatchless Young Within
GA: Are You Not
GG: errr.......
GG: yes 8|

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