GG: you think so?
GA: Sure
GA: There Is No Reason A Meteor Couldnt Act As The Center Of Our Races Resurrection
GA: They Are Themselves Like Large Seeds After All
GA: The Only Question Is Whether We Can Manage To Keep It From Being Destroyed
GA: As Well As Whether I Am Able To Raise A Mother Grub To Maturity
GA: Oh Wow That Thought Is Actually Pretty Overwhelming
GG: i think you can do it!
GA: You Do
GG: yes...
GG: didnt you say your lusus was a grub?
GA: Yes She Was In Fact A Mother Grub
GA: Who Relinquished Her Calling As Matriarch To Raise Me
GG: thats perfect!
GG: if you were raised by a mother grub, then you are in a great position to raise one yourself
GG: it is like...
GG: a sort of family legacy!
GG: a really cool alien family legacy
GA: Okay
GA: Thanks For Saying So

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