GG: dont mention it!
GG: so how does this cloning stuff work?
GA: Its Very Involved
GA: Like I Said You Wont Have Time
GA: In Fact It Probably Should Have Taken Considerably Longer Than It Took Me
GA: I Was A Little Rushed
GG: i want to try anyway!
GG: if you can hold out hope for rebuilding your race in the center of a meteor, then i think i can at least try to get a little cloning done with the time i have left
GA: Yes Youre Right
GA: I Cant Imagine How You Can Complete The Objective In The Time Given
GA: But Weirder Things Have Happened I Think
GA: First Deploy The Pad
GG: yes, dave is doing that at the top of this ridiculous tower
GA: Um
GA: Why All The Way Up There
GG: didnt you say it needed to be in a warm place?
GA: Yes Thats Right
GG: my house is freezing now
GG: it ran on geothermal power before...
GG: and i guess theres no heat anywhere inside this planet
GA: That Will Probably Change If You Light The Forge
GA: But One Thing At A Time I Guess
GG: yes i would like to hear about that later...
GG: but yeah the weather seems just fine out here in the medium!
GG: lets see how dave is doing.....

> Dave: Deploy cloning apparatus.