GG: i cant get over how tiny this thing is!
GG: its so cute
GG: so the baby frogs show up on this pad here?
GA: Yes
GG: i cant wait to try it
GA: What Are You Laughing At There
GG: oh
GG: lol
GG: dave just has a lot of funny stuff to say about all this
GA: What Is He Saying
GG: oh you know, a bunch of silly stuff
GG: theres too much to copy/paste!
GA: Hmm
GG: here ill save it all to a file and send it to you
-- gardenGnostic [GG] sent grimAuxiliatrix [GA] the file "daveisafunnyguy.txt" --
GA: Okay Im Laughing Pretty Hard At All That
GG: hahaha
GG: alright how do i get started!
GA: He Will Need To Deploy The Terminal
GA: Then You Can Start Hunting For Frogs To Appearify From Around Your World

> Dave: Deploy terminal.