Jade: Appearify frog.

GG: oh god, it is still a frogcicle!!!!
GG: this will not do
GA: The Problem Isnt That The Frog Is Still Frozen
GA: The Problem Is That You Were Able To Appearify It At All
GA: Ectobiology Is Based Entirely On Your Inability To Appearify A Subject
GG: i dont understand!
GG: but i am intrigued...
GA: If That Frog Were Destined To Do Something Else
GA: Such As Become Ensnared In Your Net Later
GA: You Would Not Be Able To Appearify It Because That Would Cause A Paradox
GA: So Instead You Would Appearify Its Slime Imprint
GA: The Paradox Slime Is What Is Important Here
GA: You Can Mix It With The Slime From Other Paradoxically Appearified Frog Imprints
GA: Study The Genes And Selectively Combine
GA: And Then Create Resulting Paradox Clones
GG: ok, that makes sense i think
GG: how can i appearify some frog slime?
GA: You Will Need To Direct The Terminal To Another Frog
GA: And Then You Must Be Sure Later To Interfere With That Frog In Some Way
GA: For Instance By Planning To Venture Out To Capture That Exact Frog As I Suggested Earlier
GA: That Way It Will Be Impossible To Appearify The Frog Before Your Interference Has Taken Place
GA: Only Its Slime Will Arrive
GG: so it is like
GG: a sort of backwards frog breeding
GG: clone first, catch later?
GA: Yes

> Jade: Search for a new frog.