GG: why?
GA: You Cant Complete The Game Without Doing So
GA: Your Entire Mission Depends On Breeding Him
GG: him?
GG: so he is a boy frog?
GA: Yes
GA: He Will Begin As A Tadpole Like You Have There But Considerably Bigger
GA: And He Will Mature To Become The Speaker
GA: A Deity Like Figure Idolized By The Consorts Who Wait For Him To Come
GG: the speaker?
GA: Hes Known As The Speaker Of The Vast Croak
GG: hehehe
GA: Yes The Croak Really Is Quite Vast And Is Something To Behold
GA: Its The Most Amazing Thing I Have Seen
GG: then the speaker is like a god, but there are a lot of them?
GG: like one for each session, kind of like the kings and queens?
GA: Yes There Will Be One For Every Session Should The Players Be Successful
GA: And Each One Is A Unique Product Of Their Quest
GA: The Kingdoms Are At Odds Over His Creation
GA: Prospit Worships Him Much As The Consorts Do
GA: Derse Reviles Him And Outlaws Frogs Wherever They Can
GA: Even The Iconography
GA: Their Agents Mock His Name With Slurs
GA: Like Speaker Of The Vast Joke
GA: Or Bilious Slick
GA: Although To Be Honest That Is What We Ended Up Calling Him
GA: Not To Be Disrespectful Though It Was Just A Catchier Name
GG: it is pretty catchy...
GG: if i call him that i will be sure to say i mean no offense!
GA: I Doubt Its Even Possible To Offend Him
GG: thats good
GG: ok then what?
GG: what do we do after i make this big god froggy?
GG: does it have something to do with the new universe we create?
GA: Most Certainly
GG: you said he was a genesis frog
GG: does that mean we bring him into the universe and...
GG: he makes new planets or life or such?
GA: No
GA: Youre Not Really Understanding The Magnitude Of His Role
GA: He Is Not Responsible For Just One Aspect Of The Universe You Create
GA: Hes Responsible For All Of Them
GA: Bilious Slick Is Your Universe

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