GG: oh noooo
EB: it's ok though, it already happened.
EB: i was sort of tricked into sleeping on my quest bed.
EB: and when i went to sleep, jack killed me.
EB: she must have known that would happen...
GG: who?
EB: vriska. do you know her?
GG: i dont think so!
EB: she is pretty cool, but just between you and me, she might be a little crazy!
GG: well if she tricked you into getting killed, then i would have to agree
EB: but, i don't think it's really like that...
EB: honestly i think dying was a necessary part of the process, and she just didn't tell me so i wouldn't get scared.
GG: what process?
GG: and how are you alive now if you died! john im a little confused
EB: well... i died on the quest bed and woke up here, as my dream self.
EB: and now i have all these sweet wind powers.
EB: which is how i am making this car fly!
GG: ohhhhhh!
GG: that makes sense
GG: dave had mentioned you reached the god tier
EB: yeah!
GG: but he did not say what it involved D:
GG: he probably didnt want to make me worried
EB: maybe, or he was just being some sort of aloof coolkid.
GG: or that!
GG: but he also said that no one else would do it but you...
GG: actually, now it makes sense that i wouldnt be able to, since my dream self is dead
GG: its too bad really
EB: yeah...
GG: i wonder what space powers would be like??
EB: hmm, i have no idea!
GG: oh well
EB: maybe you shouldn't rule it out though?
EB: i mean, you did mention your dream self isn't COMPLETELY dead, remember?
GG: !!!
GG: youre right...
GG: i suddenly dont know if i want to become a god tier anymore :(
EB: heheh.
EB: she was that bad, huh?
GG: i dont even want to talk about her! she is sad and cowardly.
EB: ok, i will not pry.
GG: why dont you tell me about your new friend?
GG: he sure seems to be enjoying that horn!

> ==>