EB: you did?
GG: yes i found him with my goggles almost right away!
GG: but i didnt want to interrupt you
EB: oh! well that sure is convenient!
EB: where is he?
GG: he is with roses mom
GG: they are in a castle, having some sort of tea party together
GG: they appear to be enjoying each others company!
GG: its quite adorable actually
EB: oh wow...
EB: jade, what if they get married or something???
EB: oh god, if rose became my sister too, that would wreak HAVOC on karkat's shipping diagram!
EB: as leader of this team i submit that we cannot afford to let this happen!!!!!!!!!!
EB: everyone man your battle stations!!!
EB: we have a ship to sink! arm torpedoes!!!!!!
EB: KA-PCHOOOOOOOOOOOOO. target destroyed. B)
EB: heheh, i am just joking around, of course.
GG: durrrr oh really john :p
EB: :P
GG: but really, they make a nice couple and i think it would be great if they got married!
EB: yes, i agree.
EB: even if it would make it awkward for me to marry rose.
GG: i guess so
EB: but maybe that doesn't matter? these are kind of special circumstances.
GG: yes they are pretty special
EB: i wonder if my dad and her mom would mind us getting married...
GG: i dunno
GG: who are they to stand between two youngsters in love?
EB: whoa, in love???
GG: yes john, two people must be in love in order to get married
GG: it is one of the rules!
EB: oh jeez, yeah i guess you're right.
GG: so what do you say john, are you in love with rose?
EB: um...
GG: and if not, are you prepared to fall in love with her?
EB: er.
GG: wellllll? :D
EB: argh!
EB: this line of questioning is making me flustered.
EB: all i know is, i was ordered by karkat to marry rose.
EB: i think we can both agree that it would be reckless to look at a crappy shipping diagram made by an alien, and ignore its message altogether.
GG: i didnt even know karkat made a shipping diagram...
EB: it's a thing of beauty, and it will save the human race.
GG: i will have to make him show me
EB: yes.
EB: btw, you will marry dave.
GG: <_<;
EB: it's ok though, i will not press you on your feelings for him.
EB: i already know you are totally into the strider anyway.
GG: whaaat...
EB: it's all in the diagram, jade.
EB: it's all in the diagram.
GG: i dont know about that!
GG: i clearly need to take a good hard look at this prophetic document
GG: and possibly tell karkat what an idiot he is!
EB: that you do.
EB: ok but anyway, who cares about his terrible shitty drawings and meddlesome romantic schemes!
EB: how do i find my dad!
GG: uh
GG: well, i dont actually know where he is relative to you!
GG: so i dont know if i can give you directions
EB: bluh!!!
GG: there might be some way to do that...
GG: these goggles are actually REALLY COMPLICATED!
GG: i will look into it and get back to you
GG: in the meantime, why dont you fly around and keep looking?
GG: at least now you know to look for a castle
GG: and maybe the clouds will give you some more tips!
EB: yes, that's a good idea, i'll do that.
EB: thanks for the help, jade!
GG: sure! <3
EB: i will talk to you later.
GG: later!

-- ectoBiologist [EB] ceased pestering gardenGnostic [GG] --

> Karkat: Contact John.