John: Answer.

arachnidsGrip [AG] began trolling ectoBiologist [EB]

AG: Hi John.
EB: oh, hey there, vriska.
EB: can this wait? i was about to check out this castle and see if my dad is here.
AG: Your guardians are not here!
EB: oh...
EB: dang it!
EB: do you know where they are?
AG: Yes, they are in another castle. Don't worry, you'll find them later.
EB: argh, how much later??
AG: In a while! Man, settle down.
AG: I am telling you that you will find them after a little more questing around in your awesome 8lue godhood. So why don't you relax and talk to me for a while?
EB: well...
EB: ok, i guess so.
AG: Why don't you have your hood up, 8y the way?
EB: shrug.
AG: You look gr8 with the hood up. And anyway, we should 8e showing a little pride as the only ones to make god tier, don't you think?
EB: pshhh.
EB: i don't know if it is much of a major accomplishment, honestly.
AG: John, are you mad at me?
EB: um... no?
AG: Then what's the matter?
EB: i guess i just miss my dad. i was hoping he would be here, but apparently i won't see him for another few hours or whatever?
EB: if that is what you see in the future, then i guess there's no fighting it. bluh.
AG: I still find it a little hard to understand the sentimentality you attach to these adult humans.
AG: It just seems so strange to me. 8ut hey, that's alien culture for you.
EB: yeah, i know.
EB: i guess you just have to think of them the way you think of your lusi?
AG: Yeah, sort of.
AG: Except I never liked mine that much. ::::\
AG: Even after I prototyped her, things were pretty chilly 8etween us! I spent most of my adventure avoiding her. Haha.
EB: that...
EB: is too bad.
AG: John.
AG: Are you suuuuuuuure you're not mad at me?
EB: no!!!
EB: why would i be mad at you, vriska?
AG: 8ecause I tricked you into getting killed!!!!!!!!
EB: oh. right.
EB: i... actually almost forgot about that!
AG: Would it help if I said I was sorry?
EB: why would you need to apologize though?
EB: i mean, i admit i was pretty confused about it at first, seeing my dead body in the cloud and all...
EB: but in the end, you did it to help me, didn't you?
EB: really, i should probably be thanking you!
EB: uh...
EB: are you there?
AG: Yes, I am here.
AG: Sorry, I wasn't sure what to say for a moment.
AG: I am just so incredi8ly relieved you are not angry with me.
EB: heh. i really don't know what reason i would have to be angry!
EB: i mean, aside from the deception involved, but i kinda understand why you did that.
EB: and in any case, you did give me a choice.
AG: Yes, I did.
AG: I don't know, John. You'd 8e surprised how often people resent it when you try to help them!
AG: 8ut see, you really get it. That's why you're special.
EB: shruuuuuuuug!
AG: <33333333
EB: so...
EB: is that what you wanted to talk to me about?
AG: Yes.
AG: Well.
AG: Not exactly.

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