AG: You know how I said I couldn't rel8 to the attachment you have for your guardians?
EB: yes.
AG: Well, I guess that isn't completely true.
AG: There are adult trolls who we can rel8 to, if we choose to, and if we are lucky enough to discover who they are.
AG: 8ut it is not really in a familial sense, at least not socially speaking, the way you understand family. They are more like figures of legend, who are said to have more in common with us genetically than any other troll. 8ut we can never meet them of course. Only look up to them, and follow in their footsteps, 8ecause they died centuries ago.
EB: like...
EB: ancestors?
AG: Yeah!
AG: We are each supposed to have one, and if you 8elieve the lore a8out it, your destiny will 8e tied to theirs. You will find clues pointing to them and who they were, 8ut you will only notice them if your eyes are open.
AG: You then can choose to take up the life they left for you. And if you do, they will always 8e looking out for you, and guide you in finishing what they started.
EB: wow, that is kinda neat.
EB: so, do you believe?
AG: I don't have to 8elieve.
AG: I am completely certain it is true, and I know who mine is!
AG: I have 8een doing my 8est to honor her legacy for most of my life.
AG: I even named my roleplaying character after her!
AG: She gained all the levels.
EB: all of them?
EB: hehe...
EB: how did you know she was the one?

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