AG: It was her journal!
AG: She documented all of her amazing adventures as she sailed around the world, commanding a notoriously deadly fleet of Gam8lignants.
AG: It was so thrilling reading it. It really felt like she wrote it just for me, like she was talking right to me and telling me how to 8e like her. She even left notes on where she 8uried treasure and stuff, which I followed l8er when I started RPing. I found her dice that way, and so many other gr8 things.
AG: Learning a8out her gave me the strength and confidence to do what I had to do.
EB: that is a pretty exciting story!
EB: so then, your great great great grandnanna or such was some kind of troll pirate? uh, i mean, pir8?
AG: Yeah!!!!!!!!
AG: And that's not all.
AG: Not that I really needed it proved to me that she was my ancestor, 8ut that's exactly what happened while playing this game.
AG: It turned out that in addition to cre8ting us all in the ecto8iology la8, Karkat cre8ted our ancestors too!
AG: 8ut he never 8elieved in any of that, and just thought they were random extra wigglers serving no purpose, the stu88orn jackass.
AG: The more common 8loods are less inclined to give a shit a8out that kind of stuff, legends and tradition and all that.
AG: Those in the upper classes like me put more stock in it, and rightly so.
EB: now that you mention that...
EB: it really sounds like our situations are not so different!
EB: i created our guardians in the lab too, along with the four of us.
EB: and when you think about it...
EB: i never even knew my nanna.
EB: she died before i was born. or, uh, before i created myself and sent baby me back in time, i mean.
EB: so really, she is my ancestor too! someone i am connected to genetically, but never knew.
AG: Oh yeah. Wow, I never thought a8out that.
EB: and even though i never knew her, she definitely helped me when i was growing up!
EB: i followed in her footsteps, and became an incredible prankster.
AG: Hahahaha. That is an admira8le calling, John. Every 8it as dignified as the path of the Marquise!
EB: i even had a book i learned a lot from too, the book was sort of a family tradition.
EB: it was written by an even older ancestor, my nanna's grandpa, who was only the most LEGENDARY PRANKSTER OF ALL TIME.
EB: so as you can see, we have both benefited greatly from ancestral wisdom.
AG: Yeah, that's so awesome!
EB: i think it is nice to see that when you take a closer look, we have a lot more in common than we first thought.
AG: I agree.
AG: Haha, oh man...
EB: what?
AG: I was just thinking a8out your life on Earth.
AG: You had it so easy! You don't have to go hunting for clues a8out your ancestors at all.
AG: There was a picture of her hanging RIGHT THERE on the wall of your hive.
EB: heheheh, yep! also, her ashes were there too.
AG: Hahahahahahahaha!
AG: I don't know why, 8ut that is just so funny to me.
AG: Your lives are so simple and easy. It must 8e really nice 8eing a human, even though you're all so weak.
AG: 8ut may8e it's ok to 8e weak, if that's what's normal.
EB: yeah, it is pretty great, actually. i highly recommend being human.

> Sollux: Pester Terezi.