Dave: Answer.

apocalypseArisen [AA] began trolling turntechGodhead [TG]

AA: hello!
TG: hey
AA: i think its absurd i never introduced myself to you in all that time i spent moping around the lab
AA: guess i wasnt in a very good mood
AA: hi dave my names aradia
TG: christ
TG: youre a fan of one of my websites arent you
TG: what asshole gave you my chumhandle
TG: also what was your favorite thing i did you liked
TG: and what did you think was so great about it
TG: also
TG: asl???
AA: um
AA: 6 a girl and a place very close to you
AA: in fact
AA: i could visit you right now if you would like
TG: oh holy shit ok youre a troll
TG: only trolls say theyre six i dont know whats up with you and that dumb fake age
AA: to be fair it translates to the same age as you which at the moment is 12 is it not
TG: makes no sense bye
AA: understanding disparities in the flow of time should be easy for people like us let alone understanding disparities in such pedestrian things as units
AA: i am 6 sweeps old one sweep is a little more than 2 years you dummy!
TG: cool story
AA: look it is either the truth or i am just someone who is being a bit playful what is the harm in that
TG: ok so 2=6 awesome joke hahahaha
TG: or wait maybe it was just a waste of time
TG: you people think im made of the stuff
AA: :D

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