AA: i know you arent
AA: but i am
TG: what
AA: maid of time
AA: whereas you are the knight of the very same cosmic faculty
AA: it would seem we have very little in common dave
AA: when in fact we have very much
TG: yeah
TG: i think
TG: im gonna shut off my phone now cya
AA: yes
AA: thats definitely what you did the first time we had this conversation
AA: so i will wait patiently while you realize thats not what youre going to do this time
TG: uh
TG: what
TG: the fuck
AA: dave describe to me why you are now incredulous please
TG: i remember this
TG: i remember shutting off my phone and never talking to you again
TG: but
TG: im still talking
TG: whats going on
AA: of course you remember that
AA: this is a memory
TG: no its a dream
TG: im asleep
TG: or am i
TG: what is going on here
AA: come to the window
TG: why
AA: because im outside
TG: bs
AA: take a look
TG: i dont see anything out there
AA: that iiis
AA: becaaause
AA: im not out there anymore!
AA: turn around

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