TG: ok
TG: what is going on over here then
TG: is this some disturbing ghost hallucination should i start slapping myself or what
AA: no this actually did happen
TG: i dont remember this
AA: thats because it isnt your memory
AA: this is alpha dave
AA: the one who chose not to take the nap which led to your death
TG: fuck
TG: lucky bastard
TG: so then i guess terezi tricked me
AA: did she
AA: didnt you ask for this
TG: it would have been cool to know if picking one option would definitely kill me pointlessly so yeah
TG: but i guess i kept giving her shit about it and i knew she was kind of crazy and morbid anyways so whatever
TG: is
TG: bro dead there
AA: evidently
TG: like in reality
TG: like thats a thing that really happened
TG: also
TG: is reality still a thing that means something can that be a question on the table too
AA: yes yes and yes
AA: yes it can be on the table and yes reality still means something
AA: and yes your guardian did die
TG: well
TG: dammit
TG: what did i do wrong
TG: aside from getting my ass killed in the most retarded way possible
AA: nothing
AA: all is well and as it should be
TG: whats he doing
TG: alpha me
AA: what would you be doing there if you were him
TG: i am him
AA: even better!
TG: i dunno
AA: would you be upset
TG: yeah
TG: sorta
AA: then maybe what you are doing is grieving
AA: in whatever way that comes naturally to you
TG: maybe
AA: you are lucky to be able to
AA: i could not for a long time
AA: but now that i can again im so relieved
AA: because i have discovered there is no reason to grieve!
TG: ok
TG: am i talking to someone there
AA: looks like it
TG: who
AA: who do you suspect you would be talking to in this situation
TG: probably
TG: terezi i guess
AA: maybe she is helping you through this
TG: i dunno
TG: would she do that
AA: you were helping her werent you
TG: was i
AA: i think so
AA: the living need each others help
AA: just like the dead do
AA: alpha dave still has a long way to go
AA: hes still not at ease with his mortality
AA: but people like us have to be!
AA: we have to be prepared to die a thousand deaths before our quest is complete
AA: the master we serve demands it
TG: so
TG: im just one dead dave offered up to the time god
AA: pretty much
TG: what about the other dead daves
AA: they come here too
AA: in their own bubbles
AA: you may cross paths with them if you wish
TG: uh
TG: i think
TG: im up to my neck in dave already
TG: just being one
AA: ha
AA: i know the feeling :)
TG: still doesnt seem right though
TG: why are you even here like why are you showing me this
AA: im not showing you im just visiting your bubble
AA: it projects your thoughts and memories
AA: as well as other things relevant to you much like the clouds do in skaia
TG: but like
TG: if im seeing this
TG: shouldnt i be able to do something about it
TG: or stop it from happening or
TG: i dont know like anything to keep helping my friends
TG: what do i do
AA: nothing
AA: none of this is your business anymore
AA: its time to move on

> ==>