John: Prepare to leave castle.

EB: ok then, i guess i will get going.
AG: Go where?
EB: to keep looking for my dad!
AG: Are you sure you don't have more important things to worry a8out?
EB: um...
EB: are you saying that i am still not supposed to find him yet?
AG: John, please. I thought you were done getting the future spoon fed to you like this.
AG: I have told you that you will find your dad eventually. That should 8e good enough! Don't you think it's time to start taking your responsi8ility more seriously?
EB: well, yeah.
EB: but what responsibility do you mean?
AG: We just concluded that I am going to go fight Jack. And there is a possi8ility I will fail! He could kill me easily for all I know. 8ut it's something I have to try.
AG: And if I do fail, your plan will serve as 8ackup. There is a lot riding on you, John. On 8oth of us!
EB: ok.
EB: so you're saying i should go get the tumor now instead of putting it off?
AG: I'm not telling you to do anything. Just reminding you of what's at st8ke.
EB: wait, i mean the tumor.
EB: wait...
EB: i mean The Tumor!
AG: Why don't we just call it what it is.
AG: A 8ig fucking 8om8 in the core of your 8attlefield.
EB: yeah.
EB: which is what i was wondering about...
EB: how am i supposed to get it out?
EB: i guess go find a cave or something?
AG: Yes, you could pro8a8ly go looking for a sanctioned entry point.
AG: Or you could just do what winners in a hurry do.
EB: what...
AG: Cheat!
EB: uh, is that even possible?
AG: It's practically always possi8le.
AG: I won't tell you how, 8ut I will point out you could start making 8etter use of your powers than facilit8ing noisy joyrides.
AG: Is that what Earth is like, 8y the way? A 8unch of humans flying around in little wheeled pods constantly 8eeping at each other with their chauffeur familiars????????
EB: hehe, no.
EB: well, maybe some places, but most cars stay on the ground, because science fiction hasn't happened yet.
AG: Anyway, I'm just saying it's time to do something useful and impressive with your powers, deli8er8ly for a change. You are a god now, remem8er?
EB: yes, but...
EB: all i can do is make a lot of wind blow around!
EB: how is that going to help?
AG: Use your imagin8tion!
AG: That windy thing of yours is more vers8tile than you think.
EB: alright, i will try.

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