Aradia: Report discovery.

apocalypseArisen [AA] began trolling twinArmageddons [TA]

AA: s0llux!
TA: hey what'2 up aa.
AA: y0u will never guess what i just f0und
TA: won't ii?
AA: i d0ubt it
TA: wa2 iit the matchiing ruiin2 2iite?
AA: um
AA: yes
AA: h0w did y0u kn0w!
TA: ii don't know, ju2t a weiird feeliing.
TA: ii feel liike we had thii2 conver2atiion before and that'2 what iit wa2 about.
AA: yeah
AA: me t00
AA: what d0 y0u think it means?
TA: probably nothiing. but now not only doe2 iit feel liike we had the conver2atiion before, but iit'2 goiing diifferently thii2 tiime.
TA: 2o iit'2 extra weiird. maybe your voiice2 are iinvolved?
AA: i d0nt kn0w maybe
AA: maybe y0urs are t00?
TA: ii don't hear a goddamn thiing.
TA: do you?
AA: wait
AA: yes
AA: shes very quiet th0ugh i cant tell what shes saying!
TA: oh well.
TA: why don't we pretend there ii2 no 2pooky paranormal phenomena goiing on ju2t once and talk about what you wanted two talk about.
AA: g00d idea
AA: 0k d0 y0u remember what we talked ab0ut regarding kanayas ruins?
TA: 2orta.
AA: i asked y0u f0r help in understanding the glyphs
TA: ii gue22.
AA: 0_0
AA: are y0u just being difficult 0r d0 y0u really n0t remember
TA: ii gue22 ii don't fiind the whole my2tery of the ruiin2 a2 exciitiing a2 you, ok?
AA: well 0bvi0usly!
AA: but i really appreciate y0ur help anyway
TA: 2ure.
TA: how can ii help, then.
AA: well y0u said that y0ud need an0ther set 0f glyphs t0 make sense 0f them
AA: y0u speculated that there might be an0ther set 0f ruins
AA: y0u even guessed they w0uld be blue! it turns 0ut y0u were right
AA: d0nt y0u think that is pretty c00l?
TA: oh yeah, ii am awe2ome about that for 2ure.
TA: but,
TA: ii can't 2hake the feeliing the2e ruiin2 are goiing two be nothiing but trouble for u2.
AA: but y0u say that ab0ut everything!
TA: that'2 becau2e iit'2 fuckiing true about everythiing!
AA: n0 its n0t!
AA: i did find s0me 0ther neat things d0wn here t00 which are strange but quite harmless and n0t f0reb0ding in the least!
TA: liike what?
AA: like this AMAZING hat!
AA: it is an authentic arche0l0gists hat its s0 hard t0 find them in this style
AA: there are n0 h0rn h0les but i l0ve it anyway its great
TA: pretty 2weet aa.
TA: hey diidn't you al2o fiind 2ome biit2 and piiece2 of your biizarre robot doppelganger.
AA: i wasnt g0ing t0 tell y0u ab0ut that!
AA: damn it h0w did y0u kn0w
TA: ii don't know, ii ju2t "remembered" 2ome more 2hiit about thii2 dii2covery, god 2orry.
AA: this is stupid
TA: yeah, well, ii gue22 thii2 ii2 the kiind of 2hiit you have to deal wiith when two p2ychiic2 talk to each other about 2tuff.
AA: maybe
TA: why don't we piick thii2 up agaiin later when we're not feeliing 2o weiird?
AA: well
AA: 0k

apocalypseArisen [AA] began trolling twinArmageddons [TA] and apocalypseArisen [AA]

AA: ahem
AA: sorry to interrupt i wanted to give you both the chance to remember but it doesnt look like this is going anywhere!
TA: what the fuck?
AA: w0w what

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