AA: is it coming back yet
TA: is WHAT c0ming back, wh0 ARE y0u?
TA: wh0a h0ld 0n.
TA: why am i talking like y0u suddenly?
AA: this is a mem0ry
AA: in a dream bubble
AA: thats right!
TA: 0h.
TA: that d0esn't really answer my questi0n, but 0k.
AA: y0u changed y0ur v0ice because y0u remembered
AA: like i did
TA: remembered what?
AA: that i died
AA: this is my mem0ry and als0 hers
AA: but i went 0n t0 bec0me the r0b0t wh0se remains are in this crater
AA: whereas she did n0t
AA: i d0nt actually kn0w her st0ry 0r h0w she g0t here but f0r me this was the end 0f the r0ad
AA: this is the afterlife
TA: well, shit.
TA: s0 then i guess i'm dead t00?
AA: nope!

> ==>