AA: you are just asleep
AA: you are also blind!
TA: h0ly shit, i can't see!
AA: yes thats what being blind means
TA: w0w, awes0me! way t0 be awes0mely sympathetic t00 my terrible new pr0blem, aa.
AA: sollux will you shut up and stop being so tragic for once
AA: you knew this was going to happen! your prophecies of personal doom were practically all you ever talked about
AA: i think you were looking forward to this honestly
AA: shes right
TA: i can't believe this, it's alm0st as if i'm getting...
TA: damn.
TA: that didn't feel right at all, i think i might have t0 retire the wh0le bifurcati0n gimmick, puns and all.
TA: actually that is kind 0f a relief, maybe y0u're right, i'm feeling better ab0ut this already.
AA: great!
AA: you should be able to relax now that youve been released from the curse of your vision twofold just like you said youd be
AA: you are now merely doomed!
TA: 0h.
TA: that's... awes0me?
AA: being d00med isnt that bad
AA: i spent m0st 0f my life that way remember
AA: at least y0u have the luxury 0f understanding
AA: and the best part ab0ut being d00med is y0u 0nly have t0 put up with it until y0u die
AA: thats the spirit hahaha
AA: actually i guess i dont have to keep talking like im doomed anymore do i
AA: nope :)
TA: this is s0 weird, what am i even listening t0 here.
TA: 0_0
TA: FUCK, i cann0t BELIEVE i just made that face.
AA: hahahahaha!
AA: hahahahaha!
TA: g0d dammit.
TA: 0h yeah, als0...
TA: why the fuck are my teeth missing?
AA: i
AA: dont know?
TA: 0k, well, great, glad we g0t t0 the fucking b0tt0m 0f that mystery.
TA: myssssssstery. mystery. mySSSSthSSSStery. mysterymysterymystery.
TA: man, i can't even lisp anym0re if i try.
TA: please d0n't laugh, i can tell y0u are b0th enj0ying this, i can smell it using my new blind guy n0se p0wers.
AA: really?
TA: n0 n0t literally, i was j0king. i mean n0t YET. maybe i'll ask tz ab0ut it when i wake up th0ugh.
TA: hey what was that n0ise?
AA: what noise?
TA: i think s0me0ne else is here.
AA: oh its jade!
TA: jade?? wtf.
AA: whos jade
AA: shes one of the humans we met after you died
AA: ok
AA: i guess i am out of the loop on chronology for once
AA: thats fine youll catch up!
GG: ummmmmm hey guys i hope im not interrupting!!!

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