TA: s0 like,
TA: 0k s0 i'm supp0sed t0 act 0ut what i did bef0re, when i br0ught her these shitty d0ll parts, is that's what's g0ing 0n here?
GA: Yeah Im Still Not Sure Aradia Are We Supposed To Be Role Playing
AA: no guys come on this isnt that complicated!
AA: we are just revisiting the past just like we would if we were talking about it
AA: but it just so happens we can watch it happen as we talk about it
AA: and as a matter of fact
AA: this story does involve a role playing game but not in that way!
TA: thith ith kinb 0f thtupib.
AA: youre stupid and you sound stupid!
TA: h0py thith, i b0 th0unb thtupib.
TA: why the fuckth ith by b0uth fthull 0f all thethe theeth subbenly?
AA: i dont know o_o
AA: but you maaay be waking up soon
TA: 0h, 0k, greath, th0 i will mithth the retht 0f the c00l tht0ry, 0k.
AA: maybe not if we hurry this along!
GG: wait! before we do...
GG: hi kanaya! it is nice to meet you
GA: Hi Jade
GA: Uh
GA: What Is That Thing Youre Wearing
GG: you dont like it???
GA: No I Didnt Mean To Sound Disapproving
GA: But I Do Think More Colorful Apparel Suits You Better
GG: yes i know you told me!
GA: I Did
GG: yes but you probably havent yet
GG: not from your perspective..... i could not help but overhear you are asleep now
GG: you told me all about what happened after you woke up!
GA: About What
GG: about how you turned into a vampire
GA: Whats A Vampire
TA: thith ith ribicul0uth.
AA: thollux is right
AA: i mean sollux
AA: kanaya tell us what happened next!

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