TT: Then can you at least tell me if we will be successful in preserving ourselves after the reset?
I don't particularly enjoy spoiling things for people when unnecessary.
I find speaking in a discreet color helps avoid this.
TT: So if the Scratch isn't specifically meant to banish Jack from the session,
TT: And our quest to destroy the sun is meant to kill him,
TT: Why is the reset necessary at all, especially if it means oblivion for us?
Because you cannot achieve the ultimate reward in this session.
Your battlefield is cancerous, and the reckoning will destroy it prematurely regardless.
By resetting, you will create a session which can bear the fruit of a new universe, even if you will not be the ones to claim the reward.
Don't you want to fulfill your purpose?
TT: I guess.
TT: But it's a little disheartening to learn I'm now faced with not one, but two suicide missions at once.
TT: One to destroy Jack's power source and defend all of existence, and another to ensure our cosmic progeny at the price of oblivion.
That frames the dual objectives accurately.
But if you are inventive, you may find a way to survive the reset and participate in the renewed session.
It's up to you.
Just as it's up to you to face the decision to claim immortality before you enter your creation.
TT: Immortality?
TT: Do you mean ascending to the god tier?
TT: I have reason to believe that I won't.
TT: The trolls have not indicated I will die on my Quest Bed, or that any of us will aside from John. Instead I've been given a more troubling and ambiguous forecast.
What have I said about confirming the reliability of your sources?
TT: Are you saying I will?
TT: Oh.
TT: Well, will I?
It seems you'd like me to do some more fortune telling.
TT: Fine.
TT: Maybe this question will suit you better.
TT: Is it probable?
That's a strange question to ask someone who is omniscient and therefore knows outcomes with one hundred percent certainty.
I like it.
TT: Then what's your answer?
You have exactly a fifty percent chance of ascending to the god tier.
TT: That's a strange answer.
I know.
TT: Why such a precise probability?
Because, much like the decisions you must face to complete your dual suicide missions, you have two ways of achieving godhood to choose from.
TT: Two ways?
TT: By dying on the Quest Bed on my planet, and some other way?
TT: Is there another Quest Bed somewhere?
Yes. Good guess, Seer.
TT: Where?
What difference does it make? You already know where the first one is. You have the choice to go there right now and take your own life.
TT: That's true.
Of course it is.
TT: You mentioned immortality.
TT: Godhood makes one immortal?
TT: A god tier will live forever, with no caveats?
One will live forever, unless killed.
The death must be either heroic or just.
TT: How are those terms defined?
Broadly, mysteriously, and according to the case of the individual.
One may be killed by opposing a corrupt adversary and die for a just cause, as through martyrdom, for instance. This would be heroic.
Or one may be subject to corruption, and slain by a hero. This would be just.
TT: Which sort of death will you have when I destroy the sun?
Neither. I'm not a god.
I'm a guardian, a servant, and a weapon.
I have power and knowledge far surpassing a god.
But I am not one.
TT: Is this when you are going to tell me why you want to die?
TT: I sense it's not just because you're getting bored with immortality.
That's good. Your vision is becoming clearer.
TT: Then why?
My master can't enter this universe until I am killed.
Such is the nature of the break.
TT: That almost sounds like martyrdom. Are you sure it won't be a hero's death?
Quite sure.
My master is a very evil man.
TT: Who is he?
I won't tell you his name.
But he goes by the title, Lrd English.

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