Rose: Answer.

TT: Sorry for the delayed response.
TT: Answering seems to be what to do right now.
GG: rose jeez!!!
GG: finally
GG: you sure seem to be absorbed in whatever youre doing on that computer...
GG: were you talking to someone?
TT: Oh, right. I forgot I gave you the code for the crystal ball.
TT: And here I was thinking I could safely delay responding to messages without seeming like an ass, the way it usually works.
TT: Oops.
GG: oh no no i dont blame you for not responding!
GG: you must be very upset
GG: are you ok?
TT: Why would I be upset?
GG: um
GG: because
GG: uhhh i figured you would have found out by now but i guess you still dont know?
TT: Know what?
GG: about...
GG: johns dad
GG: and.......
GG: your mom :(
GG: rose?
GG: hello???
GG: oh noo :'(

> ==>