[o] Tock.

AG: ........
AG: ........x8
AG: ........x8x8x8x8x8x8x8!!!!!!!!
AG: All of the dots, John. All 16.777216 million of them.
AG: Still dead, huh?
AG: Or are you too 8usy weeping over her corpse to pick up that headset and answer me????????
AG: You can't fool me, John. I know you are not staying dead for long.
AG: And it is not just 8ecause I can clearly see you're alive in the future! ::::P
AG: You see, we are 8oth the 8est there is, and therefore we have special privileges when it comes to mortality.
AG: It's hard to keep a god dead for good. We can only die under very specific circumstances. Didn't I mention?

> [S][o] Tick. Tock.