[o] Stop.

AG: I don't know for sure, 8ut I'm 8etting that if I go to fight Jack, it will wipe out all the 8ad things I've done.
AG: I think if I die it'll 8e a hero's death, so it ought to stick.
AG: Pretty good motiv8tion to win the fight though, don't you think?
AG: One way or another, I think this will 8e my last 8ig challenge as a gamer.
AG: As such, I would like to pass my dice on to you.
AG: It is very important to me that they stay in good hands, John. That you continue their legacy, and that of my ancestor.
AG: Use the code! I'm sure I can count on you to make something awesome with it.

> [o] Slick... I am serious. Please stop.