[o] There.

AG: Well, think it over.
AG: 8efore I go, I'll get in touch one more time l8er on, when you're alive and may8e have something to say a8out it.
AG: Oh yeah........
AG: Sorry a8out your adult male guardian. I wasn't trying to 8e deceptive 8y not telling you.
AG: I decided not to, 8ecause I didn't want to 8e the one to make you sad a8out it.
AG: Was that selfish of me? I dunno.
AG: You would have found out regardless. Like we all did. There are things we care a8out that we just have to leave 8ehind.
AG: It just sucks for those who aren't in as much a hurry to leave it all 8ehind as me!
AG: W8.
AG: Someone's coming, hang on.

> [o] I am a wonderful chaperone as well as an excellent host.