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TT: I thought you didn't want me to analyze your dreams anymore.
TG: no but this one is too good not to put under the microscope with your whole precocious psychotherapy shtick its almost laughably symbolic of all my mental problems assuming i actually have those
TG: its grotesquely pregnant with meaning
TG: all gestating at least 8 gooey octuplets thrashing around in an undulating belly full of mind slime
TT: Maybe we can start by evaluating that troubling metaphor.
TG: no look
TG: i just want your professional take on how many things in my dream symbolize dicks
TT: We've already established that all of your dreams are packed with enough homoerotic symbolism to lift Freudian theory from the ashes of discreditation.
TG: yeah thats a given but i didnt even dream about puppets this time
TT: Are you serious?
TT: I'm clearing my schedule. This is a major breakthrough.
TG: i know
TG: it was so much more relaxing and enjoyable
TG: it was about me dying repeatedly

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