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GT: ok.
GT: is this conversation over now? can i keep packing my present?
AG: The conversation as it went 8efore is already over. I said good8ye, and you 8locked me. Don't you remem8er?
GT: well,
GT: i was going to block you. but then...
GT: i didn't for some reason.
AG: Exactly. 8ecause we've already 8een through this. You're either asleep, or dead like me.
AG: Man! I can't 8elieve I let her trick me like that. Such an amateur mistake.
GT: i guess i am feeling something like deja vu... maybe.
GT: i still don't think i believe you, though.
AG: Hey........
AG: Do you have any recollection at all of the last message I sent you 8efore I died?
GT: i don't even know who you are!!!
AG: Yeah, I figured. Just as well. I made some pretty em8arrassing confessions to you.
AG: I guess I'm getting what I asked for in a way. Even though it's not what I pictured.
GT: what did you ask for?
AG: I asked you if you wanted to........
AG: You know.
AG: Hang out.
GT: was this after you killed me, and gave me immortality?
AG: Yes.
AG: So what do you say?
AG: Or, what do you think you might have said?
GT: about what?
GT: you mean, hanging out?
AG: Yeah.
GT: oh god, this is so ridiculous. you are just a crazy troll on the internet, and i need to get back to packing up this present for my friend! we are not going to hang out, i'm sorry.
AG: John, there is no present! You are not in your hive, and you don't have anything to send. She received it a long time ago. None of this matters anymore.
AG: If you don't 8elieve me, you are free to look out your window.
GT: what will that accomplish?
AG: It might help you remem8er.
AG: And........
AG: You will 8e a8le to see me.
AG: If you want.

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