AC: :33 < jaspers i guess i should say furwell to you now :((
AC: :33 < beclaws this is the end of your timeline and i dont know what catpuns to you after this
AC: :33 < i mean happens to you after this, heheh, that one was kind of obtuse, sorry
JASPERSPRITE: Whats a timeline? :3
AC: :33 < hmmmmmm thats a hard question
AC: :33 < ok imagine a long tempting strand of yarn
JASPERSPRITE: Yes! Oh yes so great.
AC: :33 < now imagine instead of being made of wiggly enticing stuff, its made of what lets you exist
AC: :33 < and you are right at the twitching tip of it, dont you s33? look at the sky!
JASPERSPRITE: Meow yes i see the sky and can tell that indeed something is going on.
JASPERSPRITE: But aside from that i dont really understand what you said being a cat and all.
AC: :33 < thats fine, you dont have to try too hard
AC: :33 < all you have to know is its the scratch and im not a hundred purrcent sure what happens next fur you
JASPERSPRITE: Purr purr i still think its nice how you slip cat things in the things you say youre so clever and wonderful nepeta!
AC: :33 < h33h33h33 :DD
JASPERSPRITE: Whats the scratch? :3
AC: :33 < well you know roses friend john?
JASPERSPRITE: Yes of course!
AC: :33 < imagine that he is using this great big circle like a really fun scratching post, and it makes all this light come out that changes everything
AC: :33 < just after he starts doing that the sky goes funny everywhere and then i cant s33 you anymore
AC: :33 < thats what it is
JASPERSPRITE: I think i understand that completely!
AC: :33 < im a bit nervous for you, especially since you remind me so much of someone i already lost
AC: :33 < but maybe youll be ok? i dont know
JASPERSPRITE: Im not worried nepeta so you shouldnt either its not as if i have never died before.
AC: :33 < you are a brave kitty, just like pounce was <33
JASPERSPRITE: Pounce was a cat like me?
AC: :33 < yes! she was amazing, i bet you and she would have gotten along famousely
JASPERSPRITE: Ooh i bet youre right! Purr purr.
JASPERSPRITE: Was she nice to sniff?
AC: :33 < yes she smelled really good, and also, she was SUPER beautyifful.
AC: :33 < did you ever have someone nice back on earth who you loved?
JASPERSPRITE: Rose!!!!! I loved rose. :3
AC: :33 < h33h33, of course you did. i mean a nice cat who was your matesprit?
JASPERSPRITE: There was a time i remember i was thinking about girl cats a lot for some reason.
JASPERSPRITE: I would saunter around the house making all these big meows and looking out the windows with my nose touching the glass.
JASPERSPRITE: But then roses mom took me to this place where i was scared to be for a while and then when i was at home again i didnt do the meows anymore.
JASPERSPRITE: I guess i didnt think about the girl cats after that which is just as well because none ever came to the windows really not even when i did my biggest meows.
AC: :33 < thats too bad
AC: :33 < but i bet lots of girl cats would have loved to be with you, if only there had b33n some around to hear your lovely meows :33
JASPERSPRITE: Youre really nice to say so nepeta what about you though?
AC: :33 < me?
AC: :33 < well
AC: :33 < i have never told anybody this not even my moirail
AC: :33 < heh, actually hes the LAST guy i might tell, he so wouldnt appurrve X33
AC: :33 < but yes i have liked somebody for quite some time, but alas he doesnt know it
JASPERSPRITE: What dont you tell him?
AC: :33 < hmmmmm
JASPERSPRITE: Maybe you can win his affection by rubbing your cheek against him thats what i would do.
AC: :33 < ohhh no no no, im too shy even for that!
AC: :33 < and he is so adorably grumpy all the time, it probably wouldnt go over well
AC: :33 < its hard to explain, maybe cats think diffurntly, but trolls tend to be pretty cautious about expressing their f33lings when it comes to the flushed quadrant
JASPERSPRITE: Whats a quadrant?
AC: :33 < it is
AC: :33 < ummmmmmmm
AC: :33 < okay it has romantic applications but it is also something more general than that
AC: :33 < a quadrant is
AC: :33 < how do i say this!
AC: :33 < a quadrant is a thing in a group of things that consists of four similar things
AC: :33 < EXACTLY like paws!!! :DD
JASPERSPRITE: I see thats really easy to get.
JASPERSPRITE: I think you should tell him that you like him you might not get the chance if you dont.
JASPERSPRITE: For instance i think instead of meowing at windows i should have just scurried out a door before it could close!
JASPERSPRITE: Then i might have found a girl cat to sniff oh well. :3
AC: :33 < i know, but its just not that simple. i could make someone else jealous i think, and what if he doesnt f33l the same way, and, urrgh, its so complickated
AC: :33 < maybe i just n33d to let go of the silly infatuation
AC: :33 < i think its never going to happen honestly
JASPERSPRITE: You shouldnt lose hope!
JASPERSPRITE: I have another story that might give you hope even though it should be noted again that im only a cat.
AC: :33 < oh?
JASPERSPRITE: Yes one time i was with rose and i was sitting there dressed up in my suit with her as happy as can be.
JASPERSPRITE: But then she disappeared!
JASPERSPRITE: The whole place disappeared and i was in another place. There was no rose there was someone else.
JASPERSPRITE: I guess i loved her too in time but never as much as rose it just wasnt the same.
JASPERSPRITE: I kept waiting to see rose again but never did and finally i lost hope that i would and then i died.
JASPERSPRITE: But then i became alive again and i got to see her and i was so happy! Purr purr purr purr purr.
JASPERSPRITE: Thats my story and thats why i think theres always hope even if you die.
AC: :33 < so, youre saying that maybe i will have to die to get to be with him?
JASPERSPRITE: Yes maybe. :3
AC: :33 < i hope thats not the case!
AC: :33 < but i guess you just have a different way of looking at things
AC: :33 < thank you for the advice jaspers!

> [o] Feel free to examine the clippings while I tidy.