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AG: Oh.
AG: Ok.
GT: hey, your clothes switched suddenly.
GT: was that some kind of alien wardrobe warpifying technology?
GT: such as a warpdrobe, if you will?
AG: Sure, John. Let's just say that's what it was.
GT: you look pretty cool in more normal clothes. not that your space boots and pixie outfit weren't neat.
AG: Thanks.
AG: So, is this how humans 8egin an earth d8?
AG: With simple acts of flattery and kindness?
GT: um, i don't know about that, really.
GT: it just seemed like the nice thing to do.
GT: is...
GT: is this a date?
AG: No. I've decided this definitely will not 8e a d8.
AG: Not until you remem8er something, at least.
GT: ok, that's probably for the best.
GT: i would probably be pretty nervous on a date with a normal girl, let alone on a...
GT: heheheheheheh.
AG: Now that you mention it, me too, pro8a8ly. Your goofy awkwardness is a 8it contagious, frankly.
AG: So now what do we do?
GT: well...
GT: since i am presuming you are new to the planet...
GT: i could show you around the place.

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