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GT: there is not really much to see in this town...
GT: but there are these lakes.
GT: this lake here did not used to be a lake. a long time ago, before i was born, there was a factory here.
GT: my dad says there was a huge explosion. he was walking by with my nanna when he saw it.
GT: then a little later, my nanna died. my dad never told me how, except that it involved a big joke book.
GT: i never knew her, which is too bad. she sounded nice.
AG: I know what happened.
AG: I saw it.
GT: you did?
AG: Yes.
AG: Do you want to know?
AG: It might jostle your memory.
GT: ok!
AG: I 8elieve this lake is where Jade landed. You landed a little ways over there, a8out where your hive is now. You clo88ered your nanna to death with the aforementioned joke 8ook. 8ut it wasn't your fault. You were 8oth just little wigglers, riding meteors from the future.
AG: You cre8ted yourself, your nanna, Jade, her grandpa, not to mention Dave and Rose and their guardians, all in a la8 using paradox slime, and sent them 8ack in time as the silly gru8s with arms and legs you call 8a8ies. And here you were dou8ting the usefulness of slime!
GT: wow, really?
AG: Yes, a8solutely.
AG: I paid close attention to all this, 8ecause I thought it might give me some clues a8out us and our ancestors, who were made the same way.
AG: Any of this familiar?
GT: hmm.
GT: that all sounds incredible if true, but i don't have even the foggiest memory of that happening!
AG: Yeah. I figured as much.
AG: Since you seem 8ent on staying in your dream 8u88le coma, why don't I continue the tour?
GT: the tour... of earth?
AG: Sort of.

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