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GT: it's a castle!!!
AG: No shit!
AG: It is 8ig and fore8oding and ostent8ious, just the way I wanted it.
AG: As a 8lue8lood, I was entitled to 8uild such a home. Something to set me far apart from the commoners.
GT: you built it?
AG: Of course not. Ro8ots 8uilt it for me when I was very young.
AG: 8ut I was allowed to dict8 instructions. Expected to, in fact.
GT: oh gosh.
GT: so rad.
AG: Really?
AG: I still find it interesting what sort of mundane facts humans tend to 8e impressed 8y.
AG: Anyway, my design kind of got 8oring as I got older. A huge castle hive sounds great, 8ut it starts feeling pretty cavernous and lonely after a while. There were so many 8locks I never even used!
AG: Your tastes change, 8ut you get stuck with growing up in a place suited to your earliest, most juvenile inclin8ions.
AG: No8ody tells you that when you're a kid though.
GT: i think i know what you mean.
GT: i feel like a long time ago, i might have given my dad the impression i really liked clowns?
GT: and now there are clowns everywhere, his stupid collection just keeps growing and growing, and it drives me CRAZY.
AG: John........
AG: That 8arely compara8le example is so cute, I don't even know what to say.
GT: heheh.

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