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GT: i've missed the heck out of him.
GT: though i'm not sure why. he should be safe at home right now.
GT: i guess i must have lost track of him. but i don't remember how.
GT: all i know is i have this feeling like i should run over and give him a hug.
AG: Well, just so you know, he is pro8a8ly not actually there.
AG: Kind of like how my lusus was just a memory.
GT: are you a psychic alien? like the one who jodie foster met in contact, and assumed the form of her dead father to talk to her?
AG: As a matter of fact, yes, I am a psychic alien. 8ut that has nothing to do with this!
AG: These are our memories, and we are in the afterlife. I keep trying to tell you, and it's starting to get frustr8ing.
GT: i see. so it is not me who is jodie foster. it's more like you are jodie, because nobody believed her when she came home and had amazing tales to tell.
GT: except matthew mcconaughey.
AG: Aaaaaaaargh!
GT: but it's ok. i will be your matt mcconaughey.
AG: Does that mean you'll 8elieve me now?
GT: i guess i always did, sort of.
GT: i think i've been in denial about what's happening here.
AG: It's nice that you 8elieve me. 8ut that doesn't mean you remem8er yet.
GT: so if this isn't my dad, then where is he?
AG: He died too. You saw his 8ody. Don't you at least remem8er that?
GT: no. not at all.
GT: i am remembering a bunch of things, but not that.
AG: Then what?
AG: Do you remem8er me yet?
GT: no.
GT: i only remember when you contacted me and said you'd kill me a little earlier.
GT: but that was months ago.
GT: i do remember talking to some other trolls like you.
GT: and playing this game. it was on my 13th birthday. i was really looking forward to playing it, but it was late in the mail.
GT: i got some presents from my dad. like this big weird clown doll that i didn't like much.
GT: and some fruit gushers...
GT: oh yeah! i also realized gushers were made by betty crocker. that freaked me the fuck out!
GT: did YOU realize betty crocker makes gushers???
AG: This comes as news to me.
GT: well she does. her villainy knows no bounds.
GT: oh.
GT: he also gave me this suit, which i remember wearing for a while.
GT: but it didn't look quite like this.
GT: it had a black tie, and no ghost, so i improved it.
GT: actually...
GT: i remember dying in a suit.
AG: You do?
GT: but
GT: this was not the suit i was wearing when i died.

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