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JADESPRITE: what is that?
DAVESPRITE: what this thing
DAVESPRITE: legendary sword
JADESPRITE: how did you get it?
DAVESPRITE: long story
DAVESPRITE: shenanigans mostly
JADESPRITE: yes i figured shenanigans were probably involved
JADESPRITE: can you be more specific?
DAVESPRITE: basically im from another timeline
DAVESPRITE: we couldnt win the game there so i came back to help dave
DAVESPRITE: dave from this timeline
DAVESPRITE: as a sprite im supposed to help him with his quest
JADESPRITE: im supposed to help jade too, but......
JADESPRITE: *sniffle*
DAVESPRITE: shes doing alright dont worry about it
JADESPRITE: ok, ill try...
JADESPRITE: you were saying?
DAVESPRITE: so things kind of became even more crazy in this timeline than the one i was from
DAVESPRITE: and it was clear dave was never gonna do the quest i didnt get the chance to finish
DAVESPRITE: not even after you brought the forge
JADESPRITE: the forge?
DAVESPRITE: your volcano
DAVESPRITE: after laying low for a while
DAVESPRITE: i just went and did whatever i could myself
DAVESPRITE: got caledfwlch
DAVESPRITE: the fuckin welsh sword dave broke
DAVESPRITE: went to look for hephaestus again
DAVESPRITE: figuring there wasnt much hope in beating him this time either especially being injured and all but what the hell right
DAVESPRITE: but then
DAVESPRITE: thats when you lit the forge somehow
DAVESPRITE: not you other jade
JADESPRITE: shes a lot more brave than me i think
JADESPRITE: she brought me back thinking i could help her and all i did was disappoint her and everyone else
JADESPRITE: you came back as a sprite and youre managing to do important things...
JADESPRITE: but i just feel so scared and helpless
DAVESPRITE: sounds like you came back because jade made the decision for you
DAVESPRITE: i made the decision to come back myself maybe itd be different if you had the same chance
JADESPRITE: i dont know if i would have if i had the chance
JADESPRITE: but i would like to not feel so useless to everybody
DAVESPRITE: i think everyones on top of this
DAVESPRITE: theres not much for us to do anymore
JADESPRITE: what about your sword? isnt it important?
DAVESPRITE: i guess so
DAVESPRITE: but not really for me since im not the real dave anymore
JADESPRITE: im still not sure how you got it...
JADESPRITE: what does it have to do with my volcano?
DAVESPRITE: thats a bit complicated
DAVESPRITE: see it turns out
DAVESPRITE: i had no idea how the denizens worked at all

> [o] Try to make sense of this mess yourself.